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Seven ideas discussed so far...

1. Minecraft usage a la the Lakecraft project:

2. Cloud-based Gaming: Create a proof of concept video game design that requires extremely low latency between the client and server or a GPU intensive client; cloud-based supercomputing, etc

3. SCALE - Safe Community Alert Network iteration for Kansas City -

4. Digital Archive - build a community history platform of multimedia content

5. Virtual Literacy Mentor - telepresence based literacy tool for parents/tutors to read to kids

6. Virtual reality education for Living history -

7. CERN at Home, distributed supercomputing

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    Regarding #7, CERN@Home, I am presently working on a distributed supercomputing project that uses the popular BOINC platform. I am working in computational materials science in collaboration with Yale University. Coincidentally, I am also going to CERN this summer as a part of the Summer Scholars program they offer for undergraduates to perform research at their facility in Geneva. I am strongly interested in talking with anyone who has expertise with distributed computing and/or interest in this project.

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